Annoying Dents & Dings?

It's the sort of minor damage that can happen at practically any time to any vehicle. This frustration can be repaired with a low cost price that will undeniably appeal. You and many other drivers in the UK can benefit from Paintless Dent Removal, a simple yet effective technique to repair minor dents and dings. InspectaDent specialises only in PDR.

No Dismantling Required

Without the removal or dismantling of interior panels the InspectaDent technician uses manufacturer's routes to access the dent or ding. This repair treatment is mostly for minor damage, for example door dings (when that disrespectful driver parks to close to you and slam's their door into your car), shopping trolley collisions, and hail stone damage is also or expert field. This technique is only suitable for the repairs of dents where the paint surface is undamaged.

Specially Trained

The technique developed by InspectaDent is exceptional; a skill that is on par with artists and jewellers. Our highly skilled technicians have the ability to manipulate the reflexology of the metal, and simply massage out the dent.

Independent Operators

InspectaDent operates independently and is not a franchise or partnership. Recently this trade has developed many 'Get rich quick' schemes, which is why InspectaDent operates independently from any other organisation. InspectaDent has disassociated itself from the bad eggs of the industry.

Total Customer Satisfaction

InspectaDent operate a philosophy of total customer satisfaction. We aim to become Europe's No.1 Paintless Dent Removal. Our plan is to bring this money saving technique to the all vehicle owners; we believe this service should not be limited to traders, auctioneers, dealerships and body shops.

Saving you Money

InspectaDent can save you, the car owner on repair bills, save on your insurance premiums; maybe you would just like to improve the value of your car. InspectaDent wishes to endeavour into small businesses, we believe that smaller businesses can benefit the most from this service, it can save on materials and labour, instead of opting for the usual body-shop route.