InspectaDent's revolutionary dent repair technique provides a whole host of reasons to use our service

Fast Service, Anywhere ...

InspectaDent offers a fast and quality service, your car is off the road the for minimum amount time. You are not without your car for days, unlike the normal repair methods, most dents can be repaired within the hour! InspectaDent can visit you at your home or work. Our service is unique in that our technicians are trained to perform indoors and outdoors.

Helping the Environment

This service uses manual skilled labour; therefore there is minimum environmental damage. No need for the use of expensive complex tools and materials, energy conscious InspectaDent use of electricity is negligible, with no waste materials like body shops. No C.F.C gases are used, as no re-spray is required.

No Paint Ripples

No re-spray required, possibility of paint ripples and drips are eliminated. No need for unnecessary paint matching with panels that are not damaged. No need for body putty or filler.

Comprehensive Dent Evaluation

P.D.R specialises in smaller dents that have been left from a non-moving collision. However if you the customer was to present a larger dent, our technician is experienced to evaluate how much is recoverable. We have worked miracles, and a lot of dents do bounce back to original shape.

Vandal Damage

Dents from a kick or fist, if your car as been stuck by a person accidentally or deliberately, rest assure that InspectaDent can repair this damage.

Weather Damage

Dents from hailstone damage. Hailstone Damage is a great threat abroad. Recently there has been an increase of violent hailstorms in England, especially Dartford and surrounding area's. InspectaDent can repair this damage with minimal commotion and with a very affordable price.

Keep your car in mint condition

Vehicle retains original finish and value as it left the showroom. A vehicle with the original finish retains a higher value than a repainted vehicle. Generally buyers are getting more educated and now look for the signs of accident repair, things such as paint drips, ripple and filler putty marks and the common in re-spray's. InspectaDent method eliminates this retaining showroom finish.