What is PDR?

Paintless Dent Removal is a new technique that has been developed in the last 10-15 years. It originates from car manufactures production. It was seen as a good way to repair the damage of cars as they pass through production line. Instead of having to send the car all the way around the production line they could make corrections at time. From this method the technique matured into an industry. This repair industry as saved millions of pounds on previous body shops costs.

The technique is becoming easier by the day manufactures are recognising the benefits and are now designing the cars with dent access in mind. Recently it has become easier to work this P.D.R technique as cars have become metallic paint standard and are also using thicker base/clear lacquers.

While PDR can repair the majority of dents, there are a few cases where PDR cannot be used:

  • Cars with great paint damage.
  • Cars that have been in a moving collision.
  • Panels that have been previously repaired using body filler or putty.
  • When the dent is part of the sill.
  • When the dent is deep and on the edge of the panel.
  • PDR does not repair plastic bumpers, or rubber moulds.